terça-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2015



What strikes the eye in stunning growth of ISIS (Islamic Army) in this year 2015 is the lack of any American combat strategy against a new way to operate a vast and complex guerrilla thinning.
Loosen up groups with diesel  japanese pick-ups  of last generation, with old guns .50 in your body, the majority russian  with two pipes, effective range of approximately 1,500 meters. More about 10 fanatics with AK-47 on top and two more next to the driver in the cab supporting communication and we have never seen a gun in lethality.
This creates a war vehicle with the ability to run more than 100 km / hour in the desert, and engage more modern battle tanks in a hail of bullets capable of, if not they stick the shield at least damage antennae, periscopes and electronic sensors sights and location.
A direct attack of five or six vehicles so on a village is like a tsunami passing, without knowing of small arms and passing easily through obstacles, sweeping everything and everyone in its path.
Even the powerful Apache helicopters Americans can be easily engaged in a hail of bullets .50, capable of damaging their carbon/carbon propeller and its rocket systems, a simple triangulation, all at high speed.
At the same time, Americans, always packed by the military industrial complex that will lead them to utter ruin (and totally ignored by the people of their existence) insists on a drone war that only explode children, and supersonic fighters launching guided missiles 100,000 dollars in hovels of tamped sand $ 50. Kill a bird with a .38 revolver  is an analogy that serves not, against such disproportionate and impudence.
In short, the astronomical costs of a video game war not able to at least scratch the terrible fanatics ISIS, which are fed by thousands of young people of good education and well nourished from Europe.
The time to fill shots those poor  bauabi pajamas, malnourished and illiterate, barely accustomed American troops since 1991 with the first war on Iraq, finished repente..e if Americans think they put their boys crowded equipment in ground to try to stop the Mitsubishi ISIS will lose many, many men and not be able to stop this cancer soon dominate the Arab world, and that unfortunately was creation of Uncle Sam himself.

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