quinta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2013


END OF AUGUST 2013 - The savagery media got a new way of keeping pace with global interests , trying to sensitize the world to allow the destruction of another country. I seriously doubt anyone who broke the chemical attack that killed thousands of children in Damascus on 23 August. The dictator, who strangely can stay in power and has popular support (also concealed by the world media ) can even be crazy, but not stupid . He hardly would order an attack on civilians in the dead of night and in the suburbs of Damascus, which would surely kill thousands of people and would shock the ( manipulated ) and world public opinion would be like signing your own death sentence , with invasion imminent attack and now the other day . The rebels , most Muslim fanatics who seized to play the game the great military corporations who currently run the world and governments know that an invasion soon turns into an anarchy easily controllable , as is happening in Iraq and Afegansitan and that the flag intervention is only an excuse to empty arsenals (which need to be replenished their weight in gold ) , are potential suspects of the crime . Or the American people revolted and edit control laws of large military industrial complex postwar which is to enslave the nation brutally , or the Western world as we know it will soon disappear. But what is most striking now is that all the victims are children . Most crouched in the corners of the house , with all the terror of the world, are brutally hit by shrapnel from any explosive , more deadly . In the era of ' drones ' , Ethics is already a thing of the past . Unfortunately this time the bet America is high and too dangerous . The Syrian people is hardened in wars of this biblical times and will not leave cheap fudge an invasion as was done in Iraq and Afghanistan and will certainly be in Syria . The Russians will have to swallow an affront that assembles and remain silent but will become a greater presence in the world . No longer will the huge white bear and meek as they now present themselves , which puts the world at risk of a cold war , and quite a bit more covert than the Cold War but no less dangerous . China , eager to take the dollar as the world standard payments , will also have a more bellicose . But the sad thing is that millions of children will not have the chance to be adults , they will be brutally blasted by weapons infamous ` smart ` . The human being is approaching the end of another adventure on Planet Earth , driven as always by some sins capitais.E Satan laughs .

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