quarta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2009

CASH FOR CLUNKERS-shot for the butt

In half commercial half demagogical play, Obama (already I am being tired of speaking of this guy) launched has three months `Cash for clunkers ``, where clunkers is the contemptuous term to assign the American proprietors of the Dodge Polara, whom they poluem and they cause accidents excessively to be unpunished (funny that they had this way walked cogitating in the decade of 90 to remove the detonated cars of the streets, but for obvious elections reasons the idea did not avenge-Brazil*).

The idea was to inject 2 billion dollar in credits easy for the yankees “Hommer Simpsons” so that they gave the ``big rotten`` of entrance and bought less pollutant small cars e, and exactly safer.

This would diminish ambient pressure, accidents and would help to the monstrous American assembly plants, that are to fall so great the gigantism (but this it is subject for new postage), after all 2 bi of dollar of the one to buy almost 200,000 automobiles of 10.000 dollars, that is, a comfortable car exactly for the American standards.

It gave all wrong one, the Hommer had been running to kill the will of walking of big car, and what it was seen was the cleaned one of yard of the assembly plants in its JEEPS and SUV - Sport Utilitary Vehicle, of the BMW type x-5, Cherokkee, Honda and for measures there.

In the contrahand, the patios are crowded of economic models, and the Hommer taking a walk… until the Bank to retake the cars (differently in Brazil, where the law exists and is fulfilled, the Bank in U.S.A. can simply `steal `the car of the debtor, in complicated situation well less but that effectively it generates many risks)

This everything widely was divulged by the media UNTIL the HALF, being the masked results shamefully.

American democracy is this. .e Brazilian media, type to #realbonner, also….it does not inform nothing and alone it shows what it is of the interest of the great family Brazilian Globe. .families proprietors of periodicals and nets of television that dominate the media and the politics in each State. .think a little that soon will come in its mind the name of the family who dominates its State.Amen


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