sábado, 30 de setembro de 2017


The above photograph (09.30.2017) is a complete example of the phenomenological entanglement of our day, and that humanity, with the current paradigm of non-confrontation of reality, is doomed to collapse and extinction in just a few decades: 1- Technological warfare already allows your masters to have no problem of remorse in killing innocents, sitting comfortably thousands of miles away as their planes pour ever more deadly and cruel bombs. 2-The armament industries already command in most governments, keeping the world in chronic conflict for profits, since peace does not concern them. 3-The "outsourcing" industries of the war grow in a frightening way, and within a few years there will be multinational companies of mercenaries to fight anywhere on the planet. The Islamic State is the first and the current fire of the Arab world is a spectacular test for this new type of capitalist adventure. 4-This type of warlike enterprise was born of the failure of current ideologies and doctrines to give some support to human existence in a technological world, and it can easily be verified that religious fundamentalism, matured from just before the fall of the Shah of Iran and with the freedom to do whatever he wants with the enemy in the name of an invisible deity, is the great attraction for Arab youth to swell their ranks. Nothing is more "cool" for a young Muslim than to travel the world cutting off the heads of the enemies and counting on several sex slaves captured as spoils of war. 5-It means that the Islamic State will have no end, and soon its greatest ramifications will appear, given the ease in which they settle in poor countries and with low level of organization and budget for defense, making the third world a dangerous place to live , much more than it already is. 6-These ramifications will soon gain a life of their own, when within a few years they will begin to threaten the Islamic State itself, in a true and bloody war of caliphates, since morality has been buried by religious fundamentalism. 7 - Meanwhile, the UN sleeps in a splendid cradle, more concerned about the high positions and salaries of its diplomats than an effective global co-ordination to tackle problems that will soon become insoluble, such as refugees, immigration through poverty and lack of resources, the return of many previously extinct diseases. 8-The Russian people absolutely do not know what their air force does with the Syrian children, caught up since the fall of the Berlin wall in which they imagined the collapse of the Soviet bloc.Now, a rigid presidential dictatorship shapes the Russian hearts and minds, benefited this dictatorship with the current cold war with the Americans, fueling a spectacular war industry in the American way The girl, or the small, misshapen remains, are the best example of the deception of globalization, globalization that only spread hunger, death and misery below the Equator and nothing else. There will be no solution. The last war will be inevitable. (Continued..the phenomenology is so interconnected that even this horrendous photograph has a lot to do with you and your life)

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