segunda-feira, 14 de agosto de 2017

the sirians little girls sad eyes ...we are a failed experiment

These sad, dirty-faced eyes of these Syrian girls show the present reality of the Western world and implacably accuse us of our amoral attitude toward life: inert, selfish, fat and indifferent
Phenomenology is not reserved only the idiocy of the "prophets of the obvious" as the current world philosophy and especially Brazilian, who acts as if under the equator no new generation could have new ideas beyond millennial Greek thinkers, centenarians and sexagenarians European thinkers.
The current wave of national philosophers who have invaded the media (from 2015 onwards) are nothing more than philosophy professors , all with decorated phrases and phenomenal almanac culture, shielded from the false impression that, tied to federal universities, a swamp of ideas in which we live, arriving at the rush to ignore that reality is all built for domination, being perfect to the oppressors, when declining in television network the dark "if I were them, would do ...", which It's pathetic if it was not comical.
At this point, the Western world, especially the two hundred million Brazilian stooges, has no idea:
1- Where Syria is; What language do they speak?
2- Who is fighting against who;
3- Who supports who;
4. Why do they throw bombs on defenseless children?
5- Where the heck came ISIS, AL Quaeda and other evil institutions in the style James Bond, who want to dominate the world?
6 - Why does the UN do nothing, or only have palliatives?
7- Why did the Arab world collapse?
Each of these issues requires some reasoning effort, a quality that no longer affects Brazilians, who are more concerned with who is stealing more from the public purse and who will go to the most luxurious house arrest to take advantage of the materialistic path of millions of reais*, as if , in the end, one could only be happy who has more than six digits in the bank account, not caring that such a cash represents the deaths of thousands of people without basic services that are obliged to a democratic state.
Perversely like any war, there is now the burden that its leaders, commanders, and executioners do not need to tread on the enemy's ground to destroy it, but the old maxim of which only the Infantry wins the war is still valid.
Bombing children and civilians is an abominable war crime, but Putim and Trump, and the inedible Obama, do not waste a minute of sleep because of it. The images of children bleeding or crushed among rumbles have already become uninteresting in the media, and the inert and indifferent population continues in their lives.
But as a logical link of phenomenology, it is certain that Europe will be invaded by refugees, where also old concepts, now treated as prejudices, mirror even greater truths, all ignored:
1- Immigrants are generally people from the poorer strata of their countries of origin;
2 - These people suffered for centuries overwhelming domination, which filled them with the most incoherent traditions, and that transformed their countries into the hell they are today;
Even so, the immigrants DO NOT DISASSEMBLE their horrific and incoherent traditions, bringing them the same, who made their natal hells in such a way that they had to flee to the new place where they will reside, certainly a Western country with erroneous ideas Of the "politically correct," a Western world plague about to die.
The worst is yet to come, since within a few years the refugees will be expelled from Europe, ending up in the land of the great fat cow that is the "barn of the world", with legislation already in place to end up giving more assistance to refugees. Which to the population itself, will be invaded with unimaginable consequences.
In short, phenomenology serves, always with an extensive analysis of any situation, to arrive at conclusions that can eliminate errors and methodological, legislative and experiential mistakes, but the path will be long as the population loses billions of hours daily in front of televisions .

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