sexta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2014


Came the moment of truth for the modern war, or at least to modernish war. The freaks of ISIS are thousands of fanatics carrying automatic weapons in an open desert region .Your greatest weapon appears to be a Korean or Japanese gasoline pick-up with an old Russian .50 machine gun double barrels . Such a weapon must have a lethal range of 1000 meters, which combined with a flurry of missiles from 150 grams to 300 meters per second in a volume of fire up to 10 shots per second makes it formidable assault equipment. Along with that the mobility of a 4x4 utility vehicle that comes easily to more than 150 km per hour and can carry 10 or more 12 gunmen exceeds the dream of every strategist. Heavy tanks with wheels or caterpillar is no match for mobility and aggressiveness. And that is the hallmark of ISIS. Anything will advance the allies try to hit laser guided missiles of $ 500,000 in $ 10,000 vehicles, since these can be purchased by tens of thousands in any nearby country, while the operation of the futuristic fighter bombers depends on hundreds of technical , engineers and support of land, certainly with the time of flight equal to the price of the utility vehicle ISIS. At the same time, in formidable offensive terror, fear and cruelty, ISIS can expand territory with a minimum of fighting and losses, since their targets eventually flee than face the cruel sticking. Thus, the final bout of the approaching Armageddon will be an ultra modern and exhausted crew of combat with breath short combat against guerrilla smart enough waves, fed daily in their ranks by more fanatics willing to die at any price. President Obama, known more for their errors and mistakes, is between the cross and the sword. If you try to operate on the ground fighting the crazy, can not tactically encompass vast area already conquered by ISIS, and its weapons technology not bear hardships desert without heavy losses and casualties even outside of combat situation .
If remain in airstrikes, only spent tonnage of overpriced pumps, for the happiness of the military industrial complex that sends in the United States since the 50s, but will allow the creation of an extensive hellish state of terror and oil that ultimately destroy the entire Arab world, especially the cruel Saudi monarchies .A history will show that Obama will go wrong anyway and much of the Middle East will be inaccessible in the coming years. Israel will be the next target of legions of bearded freaks, and then the valley of Armageddon will see their final battle.

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