terça-feira, 1 de junho de 2010


Today, day 1 of June of 2010, the world receives the news that 3o. man of the Al Qaeda was blown up together with the wife, three children, a grandson and a brother-in-law. It are the new reality that if presents, where everything in the world if finds on intrinsically, since geek that build the operational system of the missile draws until little stooge that attends astonished an American film in a needy country of 3o. world and the money of its ingression helps to build military bases for the world all, trully the ethics lack took account of the call war to the terror. The ethics of the fundamentalist who mesmerize following to auto immolate with bombs also is none, but the ethics of who combat have of to be sidewalk in civilized bases, duly warned to be equivalent terrorist and frightened. This situation of exaggerate, dullness and cowardice comes in one growing without precedents in the History of the world. Differently of that they find that a cannon, that also blows up its target the kilometers of distance, would have the same ethics of the operated by remote control and murderous missile, it remains evident that they are total distinct things. The cannon is a part of artillery of some tons, has of being located, has a garrison and enormous apparatus of intendancy to follow it. Also it is easily detectable for you watch or a rudimentary system of aerial monitoring. The operated by remote control missile murderous already is another side of a dirty currency. Brought for an airplane without pilot, of an abominable private company and most abominable still `outsourcing` of the war, the operated by remote control missile is gone off of sets of ten of kilometers of distance, comes in supersonic speed, guided way satellite and almost blows up an entire block with tremendous force. Is correct to say that the family and the security in the house and the outskirts certainly do not know had died, rank that had simply pulverized in its tents in the distant Waziristan. Which the ethics of such weapon? None, beyond creating true `apocalyptic race`with the masters of the terror. However, the war to the terror would have of being won with intelligence, strategy, cooperation between polices them of the world all and not with total rude force, sequestration, torture, `outsourcing`and technology. If a medieval fundamentalist blows up a train with a rustic device, it cannot supplies be reserved him supreme of the technology for the retaliation, with the consequences of that, from there, its followers in revenge will search weapons equivalents or until deadlier for the revenge. This led in less of one decade to the certainty of that all international underworld (that it almost puts into motion the same resources that the civilization as a whole) is to the search insane of a nuclear device for `supreme revenge`, what does not go to delay to happen. I believe that only a nuclear explosion of small full transport in Central Park New York due to technology of the countries that support the terror in manufacturing a portable device, and the difficulties in if introducing the same in American territory did not happen, with agencies that also search for saw area in search of traces of radioactivity in this direction. The question that is… where goes to stop all this lack of ethics? The civilization process is at total risk

WASHINGTON - Al-Qaida announced Monday that its In. 3 official, Mustafa al-Yazid, had been killed along with members of his family - perhaps one of the most severe blows you the terror movement since the U.S campaign against al-Qaida began. The official U.S said al-Yazid was believed you have died in the U.S missile strike. Statement posted on an al-Qaida Website said al-Yazid, which it described the organization' s top to commander in Afghanistan, was killed along with his wife, three daughters, grandchild and to other men, women and children but did not say how or where. The statement did not give an exact dates will be al-Yazid' s death, but it was dated by the Islamic to calendar month of " Jemadi to al-Akhar, " which falls in May. The official U.S in Washington said word was " spreading in extremist circles" of his death in Pakistan' tribal s areas in the past two weeks. His death would be the major blow you the al-Qaida one, which in December " lost both its internal and eXternal operations chiefs, " the official said on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information. The Egyptian-born al-Yazid, also known Saeed Sheiks al-Masri, was founding to member of al-Qaida and the group' s prime conduit you the Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahri. He was key you day-to-day control, with hand in everything from finances you the operational planning, official the U.S said. Al-Yazid has been reported killed before, in 2008, but this is the first teams his death has been acknowledged by the militant group on the Internet. Two Pakistani intelligence officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized you talk you the measured, said al-Yazid died in the U.S missile strike on May 21 in the North tribal Waziristan area.

the aethics and coward `predator`- you can be the nex in a soon future

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