sábado, 28 de maio de 2016

rape - a spiritualist vision, not spiritualist

Rape is a little meeting Basically Evolved spirit and fully connected to the materialism That strikes deeply in spirit karmic normal year `` rescue, making this decline in Many Years .It is your earthly experience Easily all say "forget" to someone Who has Suffered Such significant event, in fact the goal brands That are deep and are indelible Often, Especially in violent rape, with victim perfectly lucid to Suffer all the terror and revulsion in icts Entirety. It's the answer option que la victim will-have to define Their spiritual growth or not. If you can absorb the trauma and move on or will wail yourself and Suffer Because of the preterit case, in a sad and fleeting existence to love the options are the Sami-have the rapist Itself Proved That cam into the world to regress, from it will Condemned to be soon return Several times and go through the hard MOST situations, size Their evolutionary delay. Aim never to be a meeting of karmic redemption, like "now it's my turn to ask you the Saami Evil That you made me," Because there is this kind of 'revenge' on the plane higher, qui only lead to endless bellicose acts ( you killed me, now I will kill you, and the next you kill me ..it's absurd continuum) .What can be done is to Demonstrate the common man que le act of rape, as well as a satisfaction de son own lust, it is an act of extreme selfishness, savagery, brutality and inhumanity, it Placing Directly on defenseless human scum.

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