segunda-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2013


 This photo is the most important of the decade , with absolute certainty . The silence of philosophers , that nothing else added since the last century , a number of phenomena that mirror our ( sad ) current reality are surgically implanted at the mere glimpse of the ridiculous situation. A man who governs a military-industrial empire service and that is becoming a great nation in a land of idiots ready to let their guard down and being dominated by a surveillance technology ever seen is " assisted " by a wretched third world citizen totally without a penny and very common type proto - civilizations in the southern hemisphere ... a kind of homicidal maniac - vacated opportunist who still seems to live a lot better than all the rest of the population of their country. Both are the mirror of their countries and their times , where appearance and indifference is what really counts . Obama killed hundreds of thousands of people, mostly unarmed civilians simply evaporated by missiles of one hundred thousand dollars in their hovels five hundred dollars under the slightest suspicion of being ' terrorists ' . Tried to attack Syria , after a reckless maneuver that thousands of children were poisoned , but that ' timing ' of the operation turned out to show the world public opinion that the ' rebels ' in this country is not just a bunch of cruel fundamentalist mercenaries . Keep a prison style Arkham Asylum in Cuba, where human rights are not at least bandied with prisoners kidnapped citizens anywhere in the world under the most varied suspicions , without trial , charge or right of defense . Spies almost all countries and important people in the world and maintains small guerrillas in Africa (Mali , Libya , Sudan , Ethiopia ) , all in an effort both to maintain a false world hegemony as please the already ridiculous American military industrial empire postwar that consumes all already missing resources for the population , now without medical care and homeless . The Federal Reserve ( a private entity incredibly ) now has no way to explain the machine to manufacture unbacked dollars hand over fist , as perceived by Russia and China against the total lack of seriousness situation. The trillions already poured into the world as an endless cornucopia to fund the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, a time will be a total disaster . Worst of Obama was the decoy with the American electorate , where the share of the black population was deceived and is stunned by the inertia of a ' brother ' that does nothing , but promised a better world did not come and did not come. Narrowly reelected , Obama stunned even his fellow Democratic Party , compared with the unconditional governance in favor of the rich and powerful . The crazy murderer who pretended to interpret ? He is MORE legitimate President of the United States of America .. at least confesses that sees angels and has really a lot of courage to walk through this world totally insane . Returning to photography , mirrors the same two people who live appearances , are not who they seem to be and represent adequately to our current world where what counts is the image of the moment , without any concern or responsibility. Difficult times our .

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