sexta-feira, 14 de maio de 2010


by FRANK BRAMBILLA- ITALIAN GRAPHIC ARTIST Franco Brambilla  is plus a test of what always I try to teach. What valley is the creativity, the talent and basically the rupture with the American standards of POP culture that as much gag the  Brasil.This Italian, from old postcards, inserts legal images very vintage of schemes and beings of scientific fiction also inspired in the decade of 50, creating simply wonderful drawings and graphs. Why we do not have this in these stoppings? Because with bombing daily of culture American and Hollywoodiana is seeming that everything already was invented, that `Avatar `is a species of limit for the creativity, and for ahead… clearly that this is a nonsense, but is blocking the national culture there already for more than three generations… and is exactly these almost sixty years that we do not create nothing that gives in graphical terms or cultural in general… we copy everything or we `adapt ` to our reality. ...a shame!

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